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About Us

Trevor Hadfield

Trevor is Ex-Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa in the early 80s. He has been involved with most major retailers and a major wholesaler, gaining over 25 years experience both in starting up stores abroad and running across the border operations for a major wholesaler group. In 2011 he decided to broaden his horizons and joined CDT as a partner.

Cliff Martin

Cliff is South African and started his career in law, moving into establishing and upgrading household, consumables and pharmaceutical plants. This led him into the world of commodity trading. In 2004 he established and opened CDT, which trades worldwide in the import and export of goods.



We are based in South Africa and have a strong team of business entrepreneurs with over 60 years of experience in trading. In the mid 2000’s we found a niche that required a more remote service by professional agents such as ourselves, offering an expert service at the fraction of the cost of running one’s own division. This leaves you and your company to focus on products without incurring additional costs. In 2008 with the collapse of Zimbabwe’s currency, we became one of the major suppliers to companies and individual clients in Zimbabwe exporting foodstuffs and general merchandise with an excess of 3000 tonnes moving through the border each month.


Our Clients included:


• Individual home shoppers

• Major corporations

• Stocking of shelves for all the major retail groups in Zimbabwe

• Feeding Schemes & programmes

• Mining Houses to ensure continuous production

In 2018 as we continue to be involved in all aspects of exporting products to Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany and continue to expand our Client’s footprint into all of Africa, we decided to expand our company, form a new division and CDT-Africa was born. Here we continue to strive for providing a professional, transparent and cost effective export service.