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As an established sourcing, procurement & logistic company since 2004 to all of Africa and worldwide we have introduced a unique personalised shopping service to all our Clients in Zimbabwe.

Our charge includes delivery and is ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden extras.

Included in our service is the following:

  • Personal shoppers buy on your behalf from all the retailers of your choice which includes products from International Online shops that deliver to South Africa.
  • Delivery is COD and delivered directly to your door, not from a central point.
  • Your order is selected, checked and securely packaged with direct supervision at all times.
  • All discounts and / or specials are given back to you with copies of the original purchase invoices sent to you electronically after completion of your order. This means that there are no mark ups on the products you buy.
  • If on delivery there is anything missing or damaged it will be replaced immediately at no cost to you.

Depending stock availability it takes 5-7 days to get to you from date of order.

If we can be of further assistance please contact us at

Regards Trevor & Cliff